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Hi there,

Welcome to the part of this website dedicated to the love of die-cast toys. 

Hot Wheels Hads

When my kid was a toddler I bought him a few hot wheels and matchbox cars to play with. Ok, ok, ok... I played with them too. I think all of you dads out there will identify ;)  Anyway it started with a few and then by the time he was ten the collection grew to about 100. Today this addiction has taken on a life of its own. After finding a few on sale overseas for just $1 each, the interest was sparked and now it is amazing to discover the world of die-cast!

Check out this link below or on the red car above if you want to get into buying and selling on my Whatsapp group:

Hot Wheels Hads WhatsApp group   Hot Wheels Hads Sales  

Once you join the Whatsapp group you will find an incredible network of buyers and sellers across South Africa and we even have one or two members from abroad at the moment. From time to time we all buy and sell. I have my own selling platform and cars that I sell can be found when you click on the Sales pic above to the right:

             Police Mercedes  Casings   Rally Golf   

I have also played around with some ideas around customising. If you click on any the small pictures above or below here, you could see some of my customs. Who knows? Maybe you may give it a go some time? The hobby is ADDICTIVE! Enjoy!

For the Love of Hot Wheels and other die-cast cars, check it out!

              Black Porsche  Custom Ford Bronco   Escorts Mk1

Hot Wheels Hads Customs